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HM Shop is here to deliver nature-inspired accessories and photography! Check our Amazon and eBay pages for current listings. We're keeping things pretty simple at the moment: nature-inspired office/gaming playmats and photography. We're all about exploring, fresh air, sustainability and positivity!


Who We Are

We started HM Shop in 2018. We originally had two main goals: bring people together with card/board games and showcase our love for the natural world via nature-inspired accessories/photography. Although we are still very connected to the card/board game community, we're now just focusing on accessories and nature photography. However, some things haven't changed: we understand that when you order stuff, you want it fast, so we're committed to speedy processing, shipping and accuracy - guaranteed. We're proud to call the mountains of Utah our home, are constantly exploring and are always looking to convey our appreciation for the natural world in our accessories and photos! Aside from the original HM Shop social media accounts, we established @hmdiscover on Instagram - check it out if you're looking for adventure! Although we're not yet selling photography prints, it's in the works. If you see something you like, or have some feedback for us, we'd love for you to get in touch! Thanks for stopping by our site!

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