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You're unique. So is your stuff.

From your legendaries and rares to your commons and spares, HM Shop is here to deliver affordable games and accessories! Check our Amazon and eBay pages for current listings. We're keeping our stuff pretty simple: nature-inspired office/gaming playmats, booster packs, card singles and best-selling tabletop games. Aside from gaming, we're into nature, sustainability and positivity!


Who We Are

We started HM Shop in 2018. You read that right - we're new! But since our first day, we’ve worked on bringing a great selection of affordable products and merchandise to our customers in the card, board games and overall gaming community. We strive to mark our inventory down as much as possible to pass those savings on to you. We understand that when you order stuff, you want it fast, so we're committed to speedy processing, shipping and accuracy - guaranteed. We're the kind of people who prefer to put our phones away when we're around others, so tabletop card and board games are our kind of fun. We're proud to call the mountains of Utah our home and we hope to convey our appreciation for the natural world in some of our nature-inspired collections!

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